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Technical expertise, a robust work ethic, and effective team collaboration and leadership are all
essential components to success in video production. As a skilled professional with more than 17
years of experience leading video production projects from start to finish, I am positioned to leverage
my technical and leadership talents and make a significant impact on your organization as your next
Content creator.
My background includes identifying client requirements, managing camera equipment, filming
videos, editing content, and delivering the highest-quality final products for productions in areas such
as sports, concerts, commercials, and music videos. With proficiency in a broad range of
videography equipment and software applications—along with my ability to collaborate effectively
with clients and freelance staff—I am confident that my talents and abilities will significantly benefit
your company.
Highlights of my experience include…
Excelling in dynamic, consecutive video editor for PSA videos, commercials, and Design; managing
all-exclusive video content for organizational websites and social media channels.
Visualizing and executing product vision while on-set with talent and crew and managing various
production aspects such as audio operations and lighting to ensure the highest video quality.
Excelling in independent/freelance videography assignments since 2015 for clients requiring a broad
range of services and products.
Demonstrating proficiency in tools such as After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as
expertise on a tripod, handheld, and ENG cameras.
With my strong experience and technical fluency, I am prepared to excel in providing outstanding
videography service to your company. I look forward to discussing this role in further detail. Thank
you for your consideration.
Haider Alwash